Welcome to Lauren Lutterman Photography! I’m so glad you are here :) I wanted to introduce myself! I am a mom of three incredible littles and a sweet pup, wife to a wonderful husband and lover of capturing memories! Photography has always been so important to me to permanently document the sweet, amazing, beautiful, difficult, real things that make up this crazy life. I truly have a terrible memory (ask my husband), so being able to look back on photos over the years is a non-negotiable. Of course it is important to have those few photos where everyone is looking at the camera smiling but what I LOVE is the in between moments. Helping your little one tie their shoe, an unsolicited snuggle if a cool breeze goes by, giggles when baking cookies. Whatever makes your family who they are, that’s what I want to capture!

I started my photography journey with assisting at weddings where I learned so much and then when my nephews and nieces were born I fell in love with children’s photography. Capturing the real personalities of your little ones. No one expects a 3 year old to sit still and smile for a total stranger on command! I want to spend time with you and make you and your kiddos feel comfortable. Capture them playing, dancing, smelling flowers; whatever fits who they are!

If this sounds like we would be a good fit please contact me so we can chat!

Can’t wait to hear from you :)

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"You are SO talented! Thank you for capturing our family PERFECTLY!!!!"

—Malorie H.