What to wear?

Complimentary colors are wonderful but not matchy, matchy. Selective big accessories can be fun and can show personality! Clothes you are comfortable in and feel good in are best. This will shine through in your photos! Simple is best, not too fussy. Too busy of a look will take away from the feel of the image. Try to stay away from big logos, large graphics or patterns. 


What to bring?

  • Any props that speak to your kids or family. For example a favorite book, stuffed animal, toy (also helpful for me to get them looking at the camera!), bubbles, lollipop, the sky is the limit! 
  • Baby wipes for those cute little faces
  • hair brush
  • water and snacks
  • stain removal pen
  • Touch-up makeup


  • Well rested and well fed!
  • Get haircuts arount 2 weeks before. 
  • Blend that makeup
  • Avoid sunburns
  • Relax and enjoy! I know that kids don't always listen and pose perfectly and I don't need them to. The goal is to catch the true personalities and often that comes in the imperfect times!